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5 brands 900 shops

Fashion industry is invariably fascinating! We know this better than anybody else. For more than a century now, the building of Melon Fashion Group’s main office has been a witness to creation of clothes.

The Company owns five brands — ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC, sela and IDOL. Each brand is special and unique as special and unique are women for who the collections are created.

Company Details
We believe that real beauty is in femininity, authenticity and harmony.
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We are here to make fashion easy for everyone! We are creating clothes for guys like us – friends, dreamers and adventurers.
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We are convinced that every girl can be beautiful and happy just because she deserves it.
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We create our products for the best moms and their children.
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We create thoughtful, premium quality wardrobes for different occasions.
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8000 employees 171 cities

With all our hearts we give ourselves to work and wish that the most talented and efficient professionals should join our team and achieve impressive results together.

We are glad when interesting and creative people capable of contributing to our common cause join the team.



5 countries 280 suppliers

We invite franchise partners to operate ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC, sela in your cities. We have worked out an optimal collaboration package to make your business as efficient as possible.

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