We create our clothes for people like us - friends, dreamers and adventurers. For those who want to travel the whole world with wide eyes and heart. For obsessed mods and for those who do not like to stand out. For married and those who are not married. For those who are alone, and for those who are madly in love.

For daring and brave, for timid and serious, for party people and party makers, for "nerds" and excellent students. We are here to make fashion easy for everyone.

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Happiness is always on the side of dreamers

We know that in life there are things more important than fashion. So why spend money on expensive clothes? With us it's easy be different: one day you choose a trend bomber, and the next - a classic skirt and shirt.

brand for young dreamers

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BEFREE franchise

Befree is a team of friends, passionate about what they love. We offer a ready business model, mutually beneficial cooperation, reliability and transparency.

Why with us:

  1. Goods category mass-market - affordable goods at affordable prices.
  2. Target Audience befree (age 16-33)
  3. High recognition among the target audience (89% according to 2016)
  4. The collection of the brand is updated monthly and includes several assortment lines (women's, men's clothing, denim, shoes, accessories, underwear)
  5. Free seasonal advertising
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