Befree is a brand for young dreamers.

It is clothing for those who want to travel the world with wide-open eyes and heart. For fashionistas and those who keep low profile; for those who are lonely and those who are passionately in love; for dashing and brave; for serious and timid, for the outgoing and party-makers; for wall flowers and unfailing top students.

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The Befree store is very modern, spectacular, and eye-catchy. It stands out among others. Its interior refers us to the fusion style featuring a variety of totally different, quite often stylistically opposite, decorative elements that, brought together, create a cozy and harmonious mix.

The Befree store is a bright emotional collage comprising everything: laconic Scandinavian texture, ethnic ornaments, vintage carpets, industrial loft and elegant preppy, a host of minor decorative details and gigantic art objects. This is vibrant, dynamic, as if unfinished, magic world.


The Befree offer is divided into 8 collections:

TREND - it is the high end of the befree collection, hot and cool fashion story;

MUST-HAVES CASUAL – casual everyday city wear;

MUST-HAVES DRESSY – feminine items for studies, work and leisure;

BASIC – it is the staple of the wardrobe, simple silhouettes and many colour options;

MAN – modern clothes, shoes and accessories for a man;

UNDERWEAR – lingerie and sleepwear;

SHOES – trendy, casual and basic shoes;

ACCESSORY – fashion accessories and small nice things.


We know that there are things in life much more important than fashion, and we offer clothes at affordable prices.

Our collections are the best product on the Russian market, while partnership with us is mutually beneficial cooperation with the ready business model.

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