IDOL is a premium brand of strong character inspired by the energy and spirit of big cities, a dynamic way of life and people striving for success.

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Smartly elaborated wardrobe of a wide range of clothes for diverse occasions that combines comfy basic things and high-end accent collections — solid denim treated with various types of technological washings, natural hand-made leather, with the staple of the brand being clothes of soft wool of merino or basolan, cashmere, mohair and mixed fabrics.


IDOL’s main idea is imprinted in its very name: “I DO Life”. It is me myself who creates my life, my personality and my environment. IDOL heroes are active creators who cherish a well-thought-of design and attention to details.


That is why the brand tailors its collections with the Do-People in mind: premium fabrics are used, the cut is thoroughly elaborated and a special accent is placed on details — accessories and fittings. The IDOL team believes that even the most daring dreams can come true if one contributes energy and strength. This is the message of IDOL – for those who create the present and look into the future.


The stores reflect the IDOL esthetics visible in thoroughly elaborated functional interior design where every detail is being taken care of. The concept is focused around geometrical, linear forms, contrast lighting. Like in collections, only natural materials have been chosen for the interior decoration: stone, wood, metal surface.

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