IDOL is a premium brand with a strong character, inspired by the energy and spirit of big cities, dynamic lifestyles and people who strive for success.

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A thoughtful wide wardrobe for different occasions, which combines comfortable basic items, as well as trendy accent collections - thick denim treated with various types of high-tech washes, handmade genuine leather, as well as the brand's foundation - products made from soft merino or basolan wool, cashmere and mixed materials.


The main idea of the IDOL brand lies in the name itself: I DO Life - I myself create my life, myself and the environment. IDOL heroes are active creators who appreciate thoughtful design and attention to detail.


Therefore, the brand develops collections with an understanding of the "Do People" lifestyle: it uses premium materials, carefully works out the cut and pays special attention to details - fittings and accessories. The IDOL team believes that even the wildest dreams can come true if you put strength and energy into them. It is with this message that the IDOL brand was created for those who create the present and look to the future.

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