Cult of business

Melon Fashion Group actively develops fashion and accessories retail. We launch new stores in Russia and abroad paying great attention to architecture and interior design of the stores. That is why we invite to cooperate those who have experience in constructing modern stores.

You can participate in one of ongoing tenders or send us your commercial offer:

Please send your commercial offers to

We believe that in modern times, responsibility of business to the society and environment becomes one of the key factors of development.

Melon Fashion Group is a company with social awareness. The cult of sustainability is adopted by our corporate culture. It is important for us that our business partners should stick to ethical and social norms and pay attention to protection of the environment. Thus, all our suppliers should meet the requirement of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which is an inalienable part of delivery contracts and agreements. The document can be found HERE.

Required contractor documents

1. Certificate of self-regulating entity;

2. Information on previously built objects (types and volumes of executed works);

3. Information on the contractor possibilities during construction;

4. Full charter of the company (changes and amendments);

5. Order on appointment of the CEO;

6. Certificate of the taxpayer, main statutory registration number;

7. Excerpt from the Unified State Register of Legal persons (issued not longer than 1 month before);

8. Statement of counteragents’ bona fides;

9. Note to contractors.
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