Сult of freedom

Melon Fashion Group is super place for realization of super ideas!

And also, we are an unusual company. With all our hearts we give ourselves to work! We are burning, dreaming, getting inspired, realizing our own ideas and creating something special. For we are trying to be in the vanguard of fashion retail!

It is just so simple: we want that most efficient and talented people should desire to become a part of our team and become such. And we will be able to reach impressive results together! That is why we are always glad when our team is joined by new, interesting and creative people able to make our company still better.

Careers Melon Fashion Group

of big talents

Talented environment develops each of us and the Company on the whole. This is our Perpetuum Mobile.

For talents to work productively, create and thus strengthen our Company’s position, we have created a unique atmosphere which allows everyone to fulfill themselves and realize their potential.

Our values


  • Melon is a daring, team full of energy and inspiring us every day;
  • We have all the opportunities to fulfill ourselves and build up a successful career;
  • We are in constant search of the new and "work out" our skills at training and coach sessions and seminars;
  • We try on new roles in the very intense corporate life;
  • We trust in people and accept them as they are, with individual likes and one common passion that is fashion!
  • We don't have the dress code! We can express ourselves in clothing, and we do love our own designers! That is why every employee of the company is given a 50% discount in our ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC, sela and IDOL stores.
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Interview with staff

«It is cool to work at MFG because I can realize all my designer ideas and help girls wearing our clothes feel more beautiful, confident and unique!»
— Yulia,
«When I see a store built after my project design, I get inspired for something bigger and charged with positive emotions. At Melon Fashion Group I can use all my architect skills and un limited fantasy born by creative freedom!»
— Anton,
leading architect
«I like learning something new. I like to get new knowledge and develop as personality. I like working among professionals, obtaining their experience and sharing my own. I have always wanted to feel a part of a big team operating boldly in the world of fashion! This is why I work at Melon Fashion Group! »
— Alexei,
clothes constructor
«To realize something bold and conceived, not to stop at the achieved and go forward, to make discoveries for oneself and for the Company – this is Melon Fashion Group. Here I can fully reveal my creative and professional potential, applying the main principle: do not be limited by standard solutions. I am extremely happy to work in a strongest team that inspires me every day! »
— Yulia,
PR manager
«Melon Fashion Group is the leader on the market where I develop due to challenging and ambitious tasks that the Company faces!»
— Alexei,
head of technical department
«I work at Melon Fashion Group because it is a huge mechanism, which enhances my development not only in one direction, but in many others which I was not even aware of yesterday. There is always something new happening here – new tasks, new solutions and new SUPEREMOTIONS!»
— Denis,
«Here every day is unlike the previous! New tasks, ideas, plans… I believe that beauty will save the world, and beauty married to wit the more so! Our Company is such a marriage! Melon Fashion Group opens the WORLD for us. And each of us opens up in this Company!»
— Anna,
supply manager
«Melon Fashion Group gives us an opportunity of personal development and professional growth for it is a young and ambitious team.»
— Christina,
analyst engineer
«My choice is with Melon Fashion Group because it is the most attractive fashion company on the market!»
— Irina,
leading legal counsel
«For me, Melon Fashion Group is a modern fast-developing company. A young and cool team bursting with energy. And what is most important – there are thousands of opportunities for further growth and self-development. »
— Ekaterina,
lease specialist
«For me, this is Company №1! It is interesting for me work here and contribute to development and prosperity of Melon Fashion Group!»
— Elena,
deputy head of technical department
«For me, Melon Fashion Group is a part of my life. This is the place where you acutely feel the pulse of modern life because our Company and the team are always in the vanguard!»
— Victoria,
head of projects
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