ZARINA is the first Russian fashion brand that dates back 30 years. The brand was inspired by strong and talented women who created the first fashion label in Russia.

Today, ZARINA is a stylish capsule wardrobe with casual wear at affordable prices for millions of women and men.

We create timeless fashion and make inspiring clothes that reflect the individuality of our customers.

ZARINA. Just being yourself.

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Nice stores are an inspiration causing customers to buy something by all means. That is why we have upgraded the store concept, and now ZARINA has spacious fitting rooms with a lounge zone, big mirrors and natural light hues – all this enhances comfortable shopping. This concept was inspired by the designer trend Japandi, which combines Japanese moderation with Scandinavian practicality. The average store space is 300 sq m.


Developing its products, ZARINA strives to build a full-range wardrobe for various life occasions catering to the needs and way of life of its target audience. At present, the offer consists of the following lines:

STYLE – trendy collections, reflecting the style of the brand and fashion tendencies

BASIC – basic items that are the foundation of any wardrobe

DENIM – cozy denim looks


SPORT – sports outfits and accessories

PAJAMAS – comfortable and cozy

SWIMWEAR- modern and stylish

ACCESSORIES – bags, purses, bijou, belts, hats, scarves and other accessories


LIMITED & COLLABS – limited collections made from premium fabrics

ZARINA franchising

ZARINA is the first Russian fashion brand with a 30-year history. We offer our partners to become not only a part of our history but efficient cooperation too.

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