The ZARINA brand opens the secret of true femininity, creating fashionable, stylish and feminine clothing. The combination of sophisticated classical style and bright original details allows creating unique images.

ZARINA clothes for a real woman - a gentle and caring home, successful and active at work, with impeccable taste and a subtle sense of beauty, striving for beauty and inner harmony.

Clothing for a woman is a reflection of her character and mood, inner peace and unique taste.

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3 principles of the ideal image from ZARINA

Feminine silhouettes.
Classic style.
Actual details.
Fashion trends.
Availability. It's inexpensive
women's fine clothes

Fashion with meaning

The brand is inspired by lofts and arangars of romantic Paris. Charming and positive
an atmosphere that encompasses every buyer. Light, delicate, fresh, interesting design
with bright accents

The image of ZARINA

I'm a woman, not a girl.

I'm not risking.

I love the rhythm of a big city.

I dream of a time for myself.

I want to keep my relationship.

I want to stay young and beautiful always.

Franchise ZARINA

We invite franchise partners to represent the ZARINA brand in your city. We have developed the optimal cooperation package to make your business as efficient as possible.

To open your own fashion store ZARINA from you not so much!

- registered form of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur;

- placing in a long lease or property;

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