Cult of openness

Each of us can make our world a little better and kinder. Being convinced in this idea, we initiate projects helping those who need care and attention. We befriend foundations that carry out this noble mission of supporting the weak. As practice shows, synergy of business and charity organizations can do a lot. Its main value is in improving the quality of life. We have identified several fields that lie in the base of our social policy.

Friendship with RAOUL Foundation

Our ZARINA team has been friends with Raoul wards for many years now. Young people with special needs and children from orphanages make prints for the limited regular collection named “Fashion with Meaning”.

All revenues from its sales are donated to charity programs. The foundation helps graduates of orphanages adapt to adult life: there are so many skills and habits they need to master that to be surrounded by people who care and can help is essential for these young people. Raoul specialists help their wards in finishing secondary education, getting jobs and organizing their lives.

Employment of people with special needs

We admire the work of specialists of the Rabota-I employment center who help young people with special needs get their first job experience and find their place in life.

We believe that happiness lies in labor and inspired by Rabota-I, we have organized work places for such young people whose adaptation to work requires a little more attention and care. Rabota-I specialists support our initiative and train us to be good tutors.

Corporate donors

Every 31 of January, our office becomes a mobile blood transfusion station. The number of MFG employees participating in the action is growing. The donor day has become our tradition.

Art for deaf people

Three years ago, in St Petersburg, there started a program of training hearing-impaired people to become museum guides in the sign language. It is unprecedented – before, the deaf and people with hard hearing had very limited access to the heritage of world art.

Now graduates of this program are knowledgeable themselves, and they can make this treasure accessible to other hearing-impaired people. When we learnt about this initiative of the Languages without Borders center, we could not but participate in the program. We support the training and students’ striving to share art with others. They learn history of arts and skills of communication with their future audience. Upon graduation they conduct tours in the sign language professionally. In 2019, 180 hearing-impaired children had tours in the Faberge museum, literature museum in the House of Derzhavin, the flat of Nekrasov, Pushkin’s House, Peter-and –Paul Cathedral and the multimedia museum of the Russian history. At present, the program is unique for Russia.

Refusal from New Year gifts

Five years ago, we refused from expensive gifts for the New Year to ourselves and our partners for the benefit of the Petersburg Parents foundation.

This money goes to medical care, presents and parties at the hospitals where small kids are staying at the New Year’s eve. This friendship strengthened our love for creative work: together with kids, we make presents ourselves – we create prints for shopper bags, make bijou and interior decoration.

Participation in Charity Marathons

Every year, MFG long-distance lovers take part in charity marathons in order to raise money for charity programs. We support the team as much as we can in the desire to set records for benefit of the needy.

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