Melon Fashion Group, owner of 4 brands: ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and sela, announces the publication of ESG strategy approved by the Board of Directors.

The company became the first among Russian fashion retailers to form the ESG strategy identifying priority directions in business operations in the field of sustainability. For several years now, Melon Fashion Group has been undergoing deep transformation aimed at development of sustainability.

The focus of the strategy is care of ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and sela customers. The company and its employees thoroughly control production of every piece, from a designer idea to sales in order to offer a product meeting customers’ high expectations. Striving to reach ESG goals, the company enhances a conscious approach to fashion.

The main strategic focuses are training of the company team and manufacturers, searching for eco solutions in packing and growing production at the factories that have undergone ethic audit. A long and difficult way lies ahead, but the foundation stone has been laid, it is the start of improving the business model of the company in the field of sustainability.

Apart from this, all Melon Fashion Group vendors have signed the Ethics Code confirming that all factories meet ecological and social standards. This means that ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and sela customers can be sure that they buy clothes from a responsible company. In 2022, Melon Fashion Group continued auditing the biggest factories of their vendors. By the end of the previous year, 30% of the company’s production was manufactured at the factories that had undergone the ethic audit. This figure will grow.

Social aspect has always been an important factor in Melon Fashion Group operations, it remains such within the framework of the ESG strategy. The company will continue working at providing comfortable labour conditions and comprehensive support of its employees, development of inclusive environment and supported employment. Melon Fashion Group and its brands intend to strengthen their collaboration with foundations, initiate new charity projects and participate in volunteer programs.

Alongside with the strategy, the company has adopted a number of important policies and codes, their task is to maintain a systematic approach to development of sustainability practices. The Melon Fashion Group site carries now a new Sustainability chapter, it covers in detail purposes and actions of the company in the field of ESG strategy, brands’ initiatives. Key documents and sustainability report archives are also published on this site. There will be ongoing changes on as the project will develop.

ESG strategy is an important stage for Melon Fashion Group, it testifies to a revised approach to business and to the fact that the company will incorporate this document into all its long-term plans.

Yana Trofimova, head of the sustainability trend at Melon Fashion Group:

“Achieving strategic goals depends directly on professional and consistent plunge into the theme of sustainability. We have focused our attention on training and broadening our competences in the field of sustainability. Today, it is more than actual to stick to principles of transparency and cooperation. Jointly with our partners, we strive to unite our efforts for the sake of our common contribution to development of responsible business”.