LOVE REPUBLIC is a brand for the brave, audacious, self-assured.

A LOVE REPUBLIC girl is open to everything new, she is independent and free. She is not afraid to be provocative. She likes to be in the focus of attention and chooses for herself what is the best of the best. Her looks reflect the main fashion trends which help her reveal her natural sensuality and sexuality.

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Main values of LOVE REPUBLIC are



The new stores stake their interior concept on digitalization, seamlessness, and spaciousness. Combinations of various sources of light, not heavy furniture, and additional screens for demonstration of key looks of the collections enhance correct zoning of the store and focus customers’ attention on separate groups of merchandise.

The new concept has a novelty – fitting rooms with a new principle of lighting. Each fitting room is a small light room. Mild light and weightlessness of the space improve the client experience offering new shopping emotions.


Universal fashion looks fitting any occasion are the staple of LOVE REPUBLIC collections. Each and every style accentuates the girl’s inner energy and unique feeling of style.

LOVE REPUBLIC franchising

LOVE REPUBLIC is successful modern fashion business. LOVE REPUBLIC is our way of life!

We have developed an optimal franchise package for our future partners, it will help them establish successful and prosperous business.

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