Melon Fashion Group, owner of brands: ZARINA, befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and sela, has joined the League of green brands – the first Russian ranking of the brands meeting the ESG targets.

The Company has undergone the big business sustainability audit which considers to what extent companies meet ecological, social and management criteria. For Melon Fashion Group, this is a big step in realization of the ESG strategy. A position in the ranking of Russian green brands shows that apart from development sustainability, the company works a lot in the field of lowering negative impact on environment, it changes its approaches to production and to educating people- employees, customers and vendors.

At present, the green brands League incorporates 43 brands/companies as members and about 15 companies/brands as associated members.

The green brands League is a non-government development institute of high authority founded in 2019. Its task is to make the ground for systematic introduction of ESG principles and approaches in business practices and promote sustainable business in Russia. The purpose of the organization is to create criteria of “green goods” as the basis of the national eco-certification.