On April 20, in Petersburg, there was held an annual meeting of the St Petersburg branch of PEBA (Pacific-Eurasia Business Alliance). It included an award ceremony for achievements in businesses of different profiles.

Melon Fashion Group became the prize winner in the Environmental Sustainability nomination for the programme of collecting clothes in the company stores. It started in 2019 – It was then that LOVE REPUBLIC launched the «Love 2.0» project under which customers can bring their old clothes to the store for charity or recycling managed by two foundations: Spasibo and Second Breath. In 2022,sela joined the project too. During 2022, Melon Fashion Group has collected 31 tons of clothing in 35 cities in Russia.

High level of interest and active participation of customers created the main motivation to pursue the programme. In April, Befree placed such boxes in their stores. The partner to the project is Laut Recycling.

Yana Trofimova, head of the sustainability direction:

“We are grateful to the jury for recognition and attention to ecological initiatives of the company and its brands. We are actively scaling the program of collecting clothes because we find it very important to give an opportunity to our customers in different regions to approach their wardrobes responsibly and conscientiously. Due to this program, Melon contributes to diminution of textile waste and helps people”.