Melon Fashion Group, one of the leaders of Russian fashion retail, owner of five brands: ZARINA, Befree, LOVE REPUBLIC, sela and IDOL, has published its annual report on sustainability.

The 2022 report presents the ESG strategy adopted by the Board of Directors. The strategy sets the following as the priorities: training of the team and suppliers, searching for eco-solutions in packaging and growing volumes produced at factories that have passed the ethical audit.

Apart from this, the report discloses in detail the information on operations and key non-financial results of Melon Fashion Group in the field of social and ecological responsibility; and corporate governance. There is information on sustainability projects and initiatives that are being realized by the company and its brands as well as their plans for 2023.

In 2022, the company delivered to recycling facilities 31 tons of textile products that had been collected by LOVE REPUBLIC and sela customers in the brand stores in 35 cities in Russia. Other brands are expected to join soon this initiative. Another fact: 4.8 tons of recyclables have received their second life within the framework of the Green Office project at the main office of Melon Fashion Group. The share of products manufactures at factories that have undergone ethical audit has reached 30%.

Sustainability is an inalienable part of Melon Fashion Group’s business. The company offers a possibility to follow the principles of responsible consumption and choose a conscious approach to fashion to its employees, customers, shareholders, investors and other concerned persons.

The report has been published in Russian and English. The best practices of leaders of the world fashion market have been used in its preparation. The quality and quantity data published in the report are presented in compliance with GRI and the United nations SDGs international standards.

Yana Trofimova, head of the sustainability division:

“Appearance of the ESG strategy of Melon Fashion Group is a significant step which confirms our revised approach to business and the fact that the company makes its long-term plans in accordance with sustainability principles. We have come to a more systematic approach, defined our priority directions, worked out the road map and started to steadily implement our plans.”

The full version of the report can be found HERE, or on the official website of the company in «Melon Sustainability» and «To shareholders and investors» sections.