The brand has launched the clothes line for babies from 0 through 24 months.

The first spring/ summer 23 collection offers a functional assortment range of everyday wear. It includes bodies, overalls, rompers, dresses, T-shirts, long-sleeves and various accessories – hats, socks, bibs. Totally, there are about 100 items.

The collection is made from natural cotton and is divided by needs of two age categories. The first is newborns with height from 56 to 80 cm. Designers have used quiet complementary colors with the minimal number of prints.

A special attention has been paid to functionality and ergonomics of clothes. Overalls have anti-scratch cuffs and closures on both legs to change them easier. Bodies have two rows of buttons to provide for growth of the baby and gathers for diapers. Bibs can be adjusted so as to clasp the neck, hats can be adjusted in depth. There have been designed trousers with elastic growing cuffs.

The second age group is trotters. The size range is from 68 to 92 cm. The main collection is made of models with actual prints and colors matching each other and other articles by sela moms & monsters for kids from 2 to 6. Special functional solutions have been devised in this collection too. In particular, socks have stoppers that prevent small feet from sliding apart when a child learns to trot. Also, there are clothes made from cotton muslin – a fabric that allows the skin to breath and absorbs moisture.

For convenience of parents, there have been made sets (a body, trousers, bibs, socks and hats) as well as full sets needed for the check-out from a maternity house. These can serve as a gift too. All the articles have a soft printed size label and a sown-in tag on a light loop which can be easily withdrawn.

The baby’s collection is meant for an affordable price segment: the price varies from 299 up to 1499 robles. The site and popular market places will be the key distribution channels. This clothing line will soon be offered in 14 flagship stores in Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk and others.

Anna Milanovich, sela moms & monsters brand director:

“Observing a high customer demand for Russian brands, we have taken a decision to launch a new line. We know how much we want to wrap our newborn in love and care from the very first days of his life. We are also aware how thoroughly we choose all the best for our babies. That is why designing this collection, we were keen to combine convenience, comfort and esthetics. We focused on functional models and gave priority to online channels to make it easier for parents to buy. We gave more chances for pregnant women and young mothersТ to choose clothes in their free time – while having a cup of tea or going for a stroll when their baby is asleep. We will be increasing the assortment range to meet all needs of our customers.”