ZARINA presents its first flagship store of a new concept. The 800-sq m store has found its location in Galereya shopping center in Minsk (Belarus).

The new ZARINA interior combines minimalism, comfort, harmony and practicality: a neutral colour palette, textured plastering, plenty of light, accent lighting and greenery. All these features enhance our attention on the brand collections.

The entrance group with its in-built lighting and a wide shop window attracts customers’ attention by its light weight, openness and laconism. There are fashion points inside with mannequin groups on illuminated round podiums.

ZARINA architects have elaborated new furniture specifically for the new concept. It has simple lines and shapes, the texture of wood and stone. The main idea of the new equipment is functionality and ergonomics combined with functionality. Considering significant extension of the product line, the Zarina team paid special attention to zoning. Due to rail partitions, partitions with in-built lighting and mobile screens, a customer appears in very comfortable shopping zones.

Fitting rooms have also undergone changes – they are now in a very spacious and relaxing lounge where one can even charge their mobile phone. Abundance of mirrors and light allow the customer to evaluate a new look from all sides and make nice photos.

To increase the trade space of the store was a logical solution for the product line of ZARINA has become much wider. It marks also a new round in the expansion program of the brand, whose earlier openings were of 350-400 sq m.

Anna Mazurick, ZARINA brand director:

On the eve of ZARINA’s 30 years, we present our new store format created by the brand’s own team. It is pleasant to spend time in this space: we have envisaged everything for comfortable shopping, every feature of the flagship store and its decoration allow us to offer the product in the best way, including the future product lines we are working at. We see what interest customers show to our product offer and strive to meet all their needs from basics, to clothes for special occasions, as well as lingerie and sports clothing. Stores of big format allow us to present all product lines, which were formerly available only in the online store or on marketplaces. By the end of the year, we are going to make a few more flagship openings.