Melon Fashion Group, the owner of three fashion brands – ZARINA, befree and Love Republic - announces increase of its portfolio with a new fourth brand. The company will operate retail stores of SELA.

278 store located in 5 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Moldavia and the Republic of Belarus as well as the Internet store will be operated by Melon Fashion Group. 143 stores are in ownership and 135 work under franchising. The total trade space of all the Sela stores amounts to 55 000 square meters.

Thus the Melon Fashion Group retail chain including Sela comprises now 857 stores of total trade space at 202 000 square meters.

On the whole, Sela´s concept of modern and comfortable clothes for everyday wear will be retained. This positioning will lie in the basis of every collection.
The company will focus on developing women´s and kids´ lines and will gradually get rid of men´s fashion. befree works at fashion for men very actively. The size range will be 42-50 for women and 12 months – 12 years for children. Every year is planned to offer to customers 12 collections.

The company will continue developing all distribution channels – its own retail, franchising, Internet stores and market places. For these purposes Melon plans strengthening marketing communications with customers and gradual increase of the stores` trade space by 100 square meters on the average.

At present Melon Fashion Group is concentrated on unification of assets and implementing its own standards in all business processes.

Mikhail Urzhumtsev, CEO of Melon Fashion Group:
“ The Sela team made a titanic work developing the brand. Over 28 years of its existence, Sela has managed to grow immensely its retail, strengthen its position on the market and maintain the position of a serious and successful player. Very few companies demonstrate such results, the more so considering the age of the brand. It is a great honour for us to continue Sela development under our banners. The brand joins harmoniously our portfolio – women´s and kids´ lines will complement successfully our today´s offer to the market. Our priority task is now to keep and strengthen the brand´s position in all distribution channels and in all regions where it has stores.”

Anna Milanovich has been appointed director of Sela. She has a vast experience in retail, and during the past 7 years she headed the marketing department in befree.