Melon Fashion Group, one of the leaders in the Russian fashion retail, owner of ZARINA, befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and sela brands, publishes its annual sustainability report.

The updated report, having undergone a serious reboot, presents key non-financial results of Melon Fashion Group for 2021. In particular, this is information on the company and brands’ activities in the field of sustainability and interaction with stakeholders, sustainability approaches and plans for 2022. When writing the report, we applied the best practices of fashion market leaders as well as international management standards including GRI and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

At present, sustainability is an inalienable part of Melon Fashion Group business which has matured for global changes not only in terms of mentality, but also on all levels of business processes. Our first but firm steps enhanced by our striving to lessen harmful effects on environment and make the life of our customers and employees as comfortable as possible inspire us more and more.

Mikhail Urzhumtsev, CEO of Melon Fashion Group:

“The updated sustainability report followed by the announcement of ESG-стратегии strategy is a serious step testifying to the maturity of Melon’s business model which allows us not only to improve our business operations, but also pursue the road of sustainability and contribute to the future. A long and difficult way awaits us. But it is such approach that ignites our inner force. We will continue the transformation according to the targets set to offer our customers goods proven and of high quality. We will continue supporting inclusivity and well-being of our employees, and jointly with our suppliers, developing and striving for maximal transparency for everyone. Our level of responsibility has risen, but we are still challenging ourselves with bigger targets and improvements, the progress of business, people and all the world”.

One can find the full version of the report HERE.