MELON FASHION GROUP owning three brands ZARINA, befree and LOVE REPUBLIC, announces its joining the INTERNET SALES ASSOCIATION. The fashion retailer intends to focus on the development of the online channel. Partnership with this successful association will strengthen its position in the Internet space and will promote business interests at the institutional level.

MELON FASHION GROUP now is 575 stores in 138 cities. The company also owns three Internet stores of its three brands – ZARINA, befree and LOVE REPUBLIC and actively collaborates with the largest online retailers.

In 2018, MELON FASHION GROUP set a strategic long-term plan of its online development. Among its major goals is formation of a strong team, improvement of its online stores’ interfaces and acceleration of fulfillment. The efforts undertaken by the company have already brought their fruit, and the team is reaching its goals: in 2018, the online sales grew 125 % compared with the previous year.

The company’s online strategic plan is quite ambitious. To help their realization, the retailer will use expertise and experience of the INTERNET SALES ASSOCIATION, a non-profit entity created by the e-commerce leaders in order to set principles of fair competition, diminish the share of grey market, protect consumer rights and work out the unified industry standards of online trade.