In September, LOVE REPUBLIC presented their new concept store of 250 square meters in EUROPOLIS shopping center in Moscow.

The project design has incorporated the latest world trends in architectural design and visual merchandising: fresh digital instruments, light solutions, esthetics and functionality. The key task of the new concept is to create the atmosphere for easy and emotional shopping.

The team staked the upgraded concept on digitalization: now at the entrance, customers are met -instead of classical mannequins - by LED panels with “live mannequins” and key looks video visualization. To strengthen the effect, additional screens are placed above the wall furniture along all the perimeter of the store. This enhances demonstration of the season collections’ mood.

In the context of a new trend to present collections as mini stories, the new store pays great attention to zoning. The new layout of the trade space allows the brand to reveal the idea of the collection more fully. It is easy to offer different capsules: regular, limited, theme-based. They don’t interfere with each other, nor is there a conceptual “argument”. Thus, there is no unnecessary visual and notional noise for a customer.

A great attention has been paid to seamlessness and space: light furniture, absence of sharp angles, combination of different sources of light that shapes the whole space.

A spectacular feature of the new concept is a fitting room. Each of them is a small light room where they have applied new principles of lighting. Soft light and weightlessness of the space create comfort and bright shopping emotions.

Natalia Pilyavskaya, LOVE REPUBLIC brand director:

“We were facing the task to create through this concept something that is not at all expected from LOVE REPUBLIC. The task to offer some unexpected format and follow unconventional canons. Nowadays retailers know how to build stores, but one must offer something unexplored before, progressive and off the beaten track. Our new store got into today’s stream, it reflects another tonality and the novel music of the brand – modern, brave, acute”.