LOVE REPUBLIC began the new Fall-Winter ’19/20 season with changes: it has updated the concept, the logotype, the style of collections and the brand has identified the driver for further development. The necessity to refresh its DNA is perceived by the brand as a part of the global fashion community’s reviewing its values and trends.

The ever-accelerating life tempo requires more freedom and universality in the way people dress. In its Fall-Winter’19/20 collections, LOVE REPUBLIC increases immensely its offer catering to the new trend: there appear new comfortable silhouettes - oversize, loose, relaxed - and soft, pliable fabrics.

At present, the world on the whole and the fashion world, in particular, are reviewing their value and priorities. Female sexuality, as it is, is losing its primordial meaning – to attract attention and shape the look, giving way to personality and character.

Catering to the new tendency, the brand adjusts its tonality and rephrases its main message as follows: “LOVE REPUBLIC is a lifestyle brand for young bright women of character who are in love with life. The clothes they choose reflect their individuality”.

The communications of the new season enhance the changes in the brand. In almost no time, the brand has presented its new modern logotype and corporate style. More laconic and easier font stresses a more relaxed LOVE REPUBLIC look.

Promotion of the brand is also taking a different course, making emphasis on collaboration with media influencers and world top brands. Already now, LOVE REPUBLIC’s presence in social media has dramatically gown due to its interaction with popular bloggers.

These new instruments combined with the existing ones allow the brand to build up a more efficient high-quality communication with its audience. It is worth mentioning that LOVE REPUBLIC pursues its loyalty program, which covers now more than 1.5 million people.

The key driver of LOVE REPUBLIC’s development in the context of global influence is sustainability, a trend that places present and future responsibility to society in the focus of attention of the entire fashion community. In the framework of sustainable development, on September 10, 2019, the brand launched the LOVE 2.0 program: we collect used clothes and deliver them to charity organizations for further sales, processing and distribution. At present, the program is functioning in Moscow, ST Petersburg and Kazan to be further spread in other big cities of Russia as well.

By the end of 2019, LOVE REPUBLIC is planning an overall switch to the use of materials that are 100% recyclable: paper and plastic bags made from d2w decomposable materials, as well as product tags hanging on a cotton ribbon instead of a synthetic one. Undertaking such projects, the brand adheres to principles of rational consumption, maintains its moderation and cares for healthy and clean future.
In the new season, the focus in sales will be placed on development of OMNI channels and digitalization of business processes. These activities will make the customer service more convenient and accessible for any city within the brand market.

The growing life tempo cannot but produce an impact on processes inside the store: there are now POS terminals in the cashier-desk zone, a specially- developed software is used to receive goods to the store, it can be used by store personnel on their iPhones. Such tools accelerate dramatically many retail routines and enhance maximal efficiency of sales people.
AS in life, it is not easy to make changes, but it is an exciting and interesting process. LOVE REPUBLIC faces a unique task: to preserve the DNA of the brand, retain the existing customer audience and attract the new one.