Melon Fashion Group, one of the leaders of the Russian fashion retail, announces hereby about the launch of its fifth brand of women’s and men’s clothes, accessories and shoes.

The quintessence of the brand lies in the very name: IDOL - I DO Life. “I create my life, myself and my environment”. IDOL heroes are active doers, creators who value an elaborate design and care for details. That is why the brand designs collections being aware of the way of life of «Do People»: designers use premium fabrics, they thoroughly work on the cut and pay special attention to details — fittings and accessories. IDOL is inspired by the energy and spirit of megacities, their vibe and dynamic lifestyle of people striving for success.

The IDOL formula is a well thought-of wardrobe for different life occasions, it consists of basic items and accent collections. The staple of the brand is soft wool, cashmere and clothes of high-quality mixed fabrics. The brand has involved new suppliers working with premium materials and international brands.

Online sales have already started in the internet store and on lamoda. First openings in the biggest shopping malls will take place in the end of September. The advertising campaign featuring popular movie actors Svetlana Khodchenkova and Dmitry Naghiev – the first brand ambassadors - is launched now as well.

Mikhail Urzhumtsev, Melon Fashion Group CEO:

“The launch of IDOL is a remarkable event. Historically, we have dynamically and successfully developed the mass market segment covering different target groups. Opening a new segment - affordable premium is a kind of startup for us, a spirit that we are cultivating at the company. Such step is in line with Melon Fashion Group’s development and expansion strategy. It will enable us to strengthen our position on the fashion market of Russia and attract new audiences”.