ZARINA presents the new FW’21/22 collection, the face of which is Ekaterina Varnava, an actress and TV presenter. Flawless three-piece suits, sets from tweed and eco-leather, styles in the magenta energetic colour, that focuses attention on itself — all ZARINA novelties will help you show your strength and inspire others.

The video clip under the same name (#POWERISINYOU) was made by Anna Melikyan, a famous film director, winner of many international cinema awards who shows the world through the eyes of women, which is quite a rarity in the film industry, where they consider the profession of film director as exclusively male.

You don’t need to look for young women demonstrating their power, be it intellectual, creative, physical, or emotional – just look around! Any of us will find women who fight stereotypes and prejudices very close: friends, colleagues, acquaintances whom you might have met in a company or in a gym, or in your favourite café. The #POWERISINYOU video project shows such inspiring strong women: together with Ekaterina Varnava, you’ll see Aliona Popova, a lawyer and human rights activist, Olga Smirnova, a doctor-oncologist, Maria Abashova, prima-ballerina, a merited artist of Russia and Sasha Sulim, a journalist.

The heroines of the #POWERISINYOU campaign show with their own example that there can be no obstacles on the way of talent and sincerity. Day by day, they act and fight courageously against stereotypes about women, they help others selflessly, and what is most important, they never forget, nor doubt that power is in those who believe they do have it!