This spring ZARINA starts a Proud to be a Woman social project, whose heroines are common young women telling their success stories at work.

Participants of the project represent different professions and share their achievements. These stories reveal everything – inspiration, fright, obstacles and doubts. Every heroine is unique: her talent, strivings, dreams and self-realization are worth true admiration. These young women were not afraid to start everything from zero – to quit a prospective job, to change cardinally their profession, to remain without support of their families.

The women are appealingly sincere and open, in any situation they are true to themselves. For instance, Anna Krasovskaya made an astonishing career in PR, but then she realized that her vocation wass in another job, and now she is a qualified baker, she runs her own bakery in the center of St Petersburg. Lubov Goncharova is a former marketing director. Fed up with constant stress at work, she undertook yoga. Today she is a master of Kundalini yoga, founder of the Kundalini Center. Inna Prusakova, a girl from a small provincial town, came to the megalopolis, labored hard and finally opened her own chain of floristic salons.

The project has united so many astonishing and interesting women that their energy, emotions and success feed us power. And any of us can join – ZARINA will go on acquainting its customers with talented heroines.

Olga Verts, ZARINA creative director:

«We were inspired by the very history of ZARINA, which has existed over 25 years now and appeared as one of the first fashion brands on the Russian market. There is no doubt that ZARINA ambassadors have always been strong, successful and talented women. We wish that our project should inspire all women not to be afraid to follow their dreams, do what they like most and believe in themselves».