Borders between male and female in fashion are being gradually blurred, as are traditional gender roles. befree likes this tendency, the brand also likes to think that everyone is a personality first and foremost.

The first unisex capsule by befree supports popularization of this idea and presents comfortable T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, trousers of several styles, shorts and shirts. All garments are labeled neutrally (which was quite complicated as the law states that clothes must be either women’s or men’s) , and they are offered to customers all over the country.

The capsule heroes are absolutely different guys, beautiful in soul and body, and also in the cause they burn for. Each of them is a reflection and continuation of the general idea that the brand has incorporated in this capsule: the future is fluid, and not conserved.

They say that there are no borders seen from space. Befree believes that there are none.