Today is a very important day: October 31 is the birthday of Galina Sintsova, our muse and idol!

Everyone who knows Galina states that she is “a stunning and astonishingly charming woman”, “a strong and tireless leader”, “an industrious and caring person”. We will just add that for us Galina is a legend and an example to follow!

Galina is turning 80 today!

Galina has devoted her life to work for the benefit of her native city and has made an invaluable contribution to the development of textile and light industry in Leningrad – St Petersburg. Her professional life lasted as long as 57 year! 40 years were given to Pervomayskaya Zarya and then to Melon Fashion Group – there are no words to describe fully what has been accomplished and overcome.

Galina is still involved in the life of the company and does not miss any important event or a piece of news.

We congratulate Galina from the bottom of our hearts and wish her a lot of inspiration to live, love and create! We wish her lots of health, joy and happy moments!

Galina, THANK YOU that you are with us!