sela moms & monsters, a Russian clothes brand for women and children, has presented a playground to small citizens of St Petersburg in the Sevkabel Port public space.

The playground of more than 120 square meters has already opened for all visitors of the Port. The main object there is a 4-meter children’s slide representing the green monster Vigge, the brand’s mascot. This is a charming sela’s talisman that decorates the stores, entertains children and translates the brand values by its look Vigge is a kind little rascal who needs mama. He, like other kids, likes to have fun and invent games. One can see Monster Vigge in the stores, on the site and social networks of the brand.

sela shares the values of conscious motherhood and of comprehensive development of children. It creates clothing in which a child can be active and look stylish at the same time. That is why this playground is a gift to beloved small customers, where they can be creative, use their fantasy, overcome obstacles and enjoy games in the open air.