The service of garbage and recyclables collection has become the company’s partner.

Within the framework of the ESG strategy, we continue developing partnerships with similar-thinking companies. On the Global Day of Cleanliness which unites people in their efforts to keep environment clean and in doing so, we are glad to announce our partnership with Ubirator and share the first results of this collaboration.

Melon cares about environmental protection and pursues the strategy of separate garbage collection with further recycling. Due to the Green Office program, the life of the main office and its affiliates has become much more ecologically-minded. We eat with our own multiple-use tableware, no plastic glasses or cups. We are learning to separate garbage.

In 2021, we started cooperation with Ubirator, a service of efficient garbage management. They collect recyclable garbage and send it to specialized processing enterprises. It is Ubirator that collects garbage boxes from our office.

Over 9 months of this year, the main office managed to collect and send to recycling 2.6 tons of waste paper, 300 kilos of plastic tape (stretch, wrapping, packets).

This comes to almost 3 tons of recyclables that will get a new life after processing. It sounds very inspiring!:)

Since September, jointly with Ubirator, we have been collecting PETF plastic and sending it to recycling. It is another step forward, impressive results are ahead.