On July 26, 2018, in Moscow there took place the Runet Rating all-Russian award ceremony for the best sites and mobile applications. Among nominations there was the official site of the company - melonfashion.ru, which was developed by ARTW creative agency. By public voting and decision of the expert jury, the project got into the final short-list and was awarded third place in the Clothes and Shoes category. The leading IT professionals working in the expert committee noted the non-trivial concept, creative execution and visual solutions.

The site was launched technically in June this year and was at once given the Special Kudos award of the International CSS Design Awards for professional execution as well as other awards: for the best UI and UX design and innovative solutions.

The new melonfashion.ru site is a spectacular project with ingenious visual presentations consisting of several sections. The starting page presents brief profile of the company, while other sections provide comprehensive information on the brands, career potential, company news and its charity projects – all that can be interesting both for partners and applicants. The site also includes the Tenders section, where one can see the company’s buying. Business reporting is also featured there.
Mix of photo and video materials on the site makes it look creative and spectacular. Pages devoted to the brands and the company history filled with photos of different periods and key dates are especially attractive. The Career section reflects the creative spirit of the team who enjoyed the emotional photo shoot in corporate T-shirts and shared their opinions of what it means to work for Melon Fashion Group.

Elvira Akhmetzyanova ARTW project manager:
– Still at our first briefing, we understood that the project promised to be complex and exciting. Non-standard business processes demanded similar solutions. That is why we approached the pre-project stage very seriously to make a good planning. The work resulted in an adaptive Bitrix-based site with a comfortable administration panel. The fact that the melonfashion.ru site was rated by RUNET proved the wow-effect of the elaborated concept. Wasn’t this our target?

Polina Bakshaeva, personnel and organizational development director:
– Melon Fashion Group continues to change globally offering principally new creative solutions: our corporate style was upgraded last year, and this year we are presenting absolutely new melonfashion.ru, the corporate site developed by ARTW. Our creative cooperation resulted in a bright, modern, and interactive project which appeared interesting not only for our partners and potential employees, but also for RUNET Rating-2018 contest and its expert jury.