Melon Fashion Group, the owner of ZARINA, befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and SELA fashion brands, announces the publication of the 2019 Annual report, where the company demonstrates a significant growth of all key business indicators.

2019 became a landmark in the history of the company – its portfolio has grown by 238 SELA stores. By the end of the year, the total number of stores amounted to 822, and the trade space reached 202,4 thousand square meters, which figure exceeds 2018 by 41,7%.

In 2019, the retailer opened 53 new stores and relocated to bigger spaces 31 stores of new concept. The geography has increased too. In 2019, the company operated its stores in 205 cities.

The online channel became the highlight of 2019 and was booming during the year. Compared with 2018, the generated revenues have grown 128,7%. Transfer to the lamoda fulfillment has made the service better and widened delivery possibilities. The launch of OMNI channel united retail and online for now an order made online is in four hours available at the store.

Melon Fashion Group cooperated with 280 suppliers from 9 countries totally. The launch of cosmetics and perfumes led to new contracts with French and Russian manufacturers. In 2020, the company plans to produce more from organic and processed materials.

The retailer went on developing its IT infrastructure. The key projects of the year: creation of the new platform for the Internet store and the befree mobile app; development of the replenishment algorithm for retail, which analyses sales automatically, and the launch of the CRM system, which strengthened communication with consumers basing on their preferences.

Lowering negative impact on the environment became one of the priorities of the company. A new approach to its own possibilities has resulted in sustainability principles becoming a part of the corporate culture. A strategic sustainability program has been designed. The Annual report includes now the sustainability chapter describing ecological initiatives of the company and its brands.

Social responsibility programs continued to be realized. Apart from long-term partnerships and projects with RAOUL and Petersburg Parents charity foundations and Rabota-I employment center, the company supported the AdVita charity and Languages without Borders educational center, paying for education of deaf and hearing-impaired guides and specially-tailored excursions to St Petersburg museums of deaf and hearing-impaired children.

Mikhail Urzhumtsev, Melon Fashion Group CEO:

“Publication of the Annual report falls on June from year to year. This June is outstanding for the whole business community. In June last year it seemed that to rush at the utmost speed was the new crucial rule for business. Any slow-down equaled retirement. What do we see today? Life of the planet has come to a standstill, and we look forward to its revival in June. Our business results of 2019 are the best motivation to meet all threats and challenges with dignity, to search potential inside the company for new victories and look at the routine processes from another angle, so that next June we could present fruits of our labor to public in spite of the circumstances we are experiencing now”.

You can read in detail about results and projects of the company in the full version of its Annual report HERE.