We have lots of traditions. One of them is a big reunion where we thank those of our colleagues who undertook the role of tutors to youngsters patronized by Rabota-I. Such reunions were initiated by Rabota-I, they became a wonderful opportunity for exchange of experience and summing up the results.

We have been friends with the supported employment center Rabota-I since long ago. Their specialists help young people with special needs and orphanage graduates to find a job, and they inspire businesses to support these young people, opening new jobs and thus giving them opportunity to get work experience. Joint efforts help young people find their vocation and get social experience as an employee of a big company.

Thus, our store personnel became tutors: their patience, kindness and care opened up a new chapter in the life of young wards of Rabota-I. At first sight, insignificant achievements like steaming clothes, or hanging clothes by sizes, can be called a real victory for these young people have no experience whatsoever, and every new action is anything but simple. But here come tutors who help overcome all frights and obstacles.

In 2019, Melon employed 43 people from Rabota-I. Many of them remained on the staff after training and probation periods. ”Thank you for helping me get rid of my complexes and learn communication skills”, this was one of the messages left by a girl patronized by Rabota-I who stayed to work at the company. This is our big common victory! ⠀

We are grateful to Rabota-I for their caring, professionalism and heartfelt support of the cause which unites the world and makes it better.