Painter Masha Yanovskaya and LOVE REPUBLIC have taken the joint initiative to create a street art campaign on the wall of the Cable Department in one of the most fashionable public spaces in St Petersburg – Sevkabel Port (former cable-production plant).

The mural presents a very recognizable heroine of Masha Yanovskaya wearing the attire from the LOVE REPUBLIC summer collection. The idea of street art is to combine two very important themes for the hedonistic summer St Petersburg: techno and bar culture — that is why the wall image is in front of the Bar line.

Beyond summer mood, Masha’s mural conveys a deeper cultural code. The graphic background of the mural is made in op-art style which inspired Masha when she saw the monochrome palazzo trousers and the crop top from the summer collection of the brand. Interweaving, the graphic lines make up a crossword puzzle, which according to Masha, symbolizes more than a simple quiz. This is a set of words expressing personal view of the world of each individual. If the puzzle is solved, then stories, phenomena and ideas merge harmonically in a dance.