befree and the Tretyakov Gallery present the capsule collection inspired by painting of Kazimir Malevich.

MALEVICH is a unique collection created by the brand in cooperation with the Tretyakov Gallery. It comprises a body, unisex T-shirts and unisex hoodies featuring elements from five paintings by Malevich: Woman with the rake, At the haying, Girl with a comb in her hair, Black square and Girl with a red shaft.

All items of the capsule are united by the slogan “Art is for Everyone” It is extremely important today.

Specially for the shoot, the brand made a gigantic doll – replica of the painting Girl with a comb in her hair , the doll’s makeup was inspired by the Suprematic composition which marked the start of a new trend in art – suprematism.

The MALEVICH collection created jointly with the Tretyakov Gallery is offered in befree retail and the brand online store.