Our meetings with our friends from Rabota-i center have become a good tradition. Every year we gather in our office to sum up the results of cooperation, thank the mentors from retail stores, and learn about the success of the center's wards.

Rabota-i provides accompanied employment for young people with poor starting opportunities, i. e., people with disabilities, graduates of special needs schools and orphanages for children with special healthcare needs. Our joint project makes it possible for the center's candidates to get their first work experience in the stores of the Melon Fashion Group retail chain. Together with their mentors, they learn how to steam clothes and attach clothing alarm, sort items and hang them according to the sizes, work in a warehouse, and communicate with customers.

In 2020, 44 candidates from Rabota-i center received their first work experience in the stores of our brands in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, we expanded the geography and managed to employ the first candidate in our sela store in Orel.

We believe that our joint work will continue and together we will be able to achieve even greater results.

We thank our longtime friends from the Rabota-i center for this project: not only do they help young people to find jobs, but they also bring more kindness and more opportunities to the lives of those new employees, as well as to the lives of all of us.