Rabota-I, an employment center for orphanage graduates and young people with special needs and the charity RAOUL foundation are sharing results of their cooperation with Melon Fashion Group.

Melon Fashion Group has been collaborating with RAOUL for several years now. They jointly help young people with special needs and orphanage graduates to find a job and start a better life. Since beginning of 2017, the company has employed on outsourcing terms 11 people with special needs, 5 orphanage graduates and 4 graduates of specialized correction schools. Naturally, none of the candidates had any work experience.

Now these young people work as controllers of the trade floor and stock room assistants in befree stores (9 persons), ZARINA (5 persons) and LOVE REPUBLIC (6 persons) at such shopping centers as MEGA Parnas, Atmosphere, City Mall, Evropolis, Continent, French Boulevard, Sennaya, Galeria, Balcania Nova, Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza.
Different employees of the company are actively involved in tutoring special people – shop managers, HR specialists and other employees help youngsters to adapt to work environment and socialize.