Having entered the sustainability path in 2019, Melon Fashion Group has inspired other company offices to go green way. Since 2020, the Shanghai office practices separate garbage collection: batteries, paper and plastic are sent to recycling. Fabrics samples and scraps are sent to a textile recycling factory to give the second life to these materials.

Support of one faraway school in the Sychuan province where 32 teachers work with 312 pupils became another significant initiative of the Shanghai office. Due to the school isolated location and economic difficulties, not every pupil or school teacher can afford buying new clothes. Employees of the office became patrons of the school and provide children and teachers with shoes and clothing so that pupils could go to school and continue their education.

Monthly, managers of the Shanghai office supported by Rainbow Bridge blue dream foundation send clothes and shoes to the village for teachers and their pupils. School director is responsible for distribution. Leftovers are given to the village population.

In future, more green and charity initiatives are planned under the sustainability program.