befree makes its contribution in popularization of the Soviet cultural phenomenon called “TWO BALLS” launching a new line of sneakers in befree stores in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kaluga, Kolomna, Yaroslavl and Kaliningrad.

TWO BALLS is a brand presenting the much-adored classical design, best materials (canvas, 100%-cotton, retentive rubber) and time-tested technologies (hot boiler vulcanization), orthopedic insole and hand-painted logo.

Such sneakers would be worn by Viktor Tsoi and Yuri Gagarin and even by the wolf from immensely popular cartoon series called “Well, Just you wait!” . Almost half a century later, TWO BALLS has been revived by young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Moscow, and these unisex shoes broke in the lives of young people again.

The Soviet cultural code has found its way also to the video clip created to support the collaboration in the unexpectedly sunny St Petersburg. This is a story of love, family values and traditions passed from generation to generation. It is not only about family gatherings and interests, but also about the brands through which we communicate our ideas and values to the world without extra words.