The program of training deaf and hearing-impaired guides to conduct museum tours in the sign language was created to help these people open the world of art for themselves and their future audience. Presently, such education is unique for Russia; it will give opportunity for deaf people to work as professional guides in museums using the Russian sign language.

This program started in 2017. Having completed it and obtained some experience in the St Petersburg museums, future guides left for the Vatican - a treasury of world rat from antiquity to our days. Acquaintance with this important center of world culture will provide deaf and hearing-impaired people with a new experience and help them master new technologies of popularization of cultural treasures.

The program is free of charge for the students; it is carried out due to partner support from MELON FASHION GROUP and the management of the Vatican museums.

Development of the training course took two years; it was the joint task of the Languages without Borders educational center and experts from the Vatican museums. Future guides will see many outstanding expositions and acquire a lot of useful knowledge of how to organize an accessible environment for hearing-impaired people.

Sergei Krechetov, CEO of Languages without Borders Ltd (UBC):

«It is for the first time that a group of deaf and hearing-impaired guides from Russia has had a chance to be trained at the Vatican museums. This program will allow our students not only to come to know one of the world cultural centers, but it opens a new page in the cultural exchange between Russia and Italy / the Vatican, where they use the most advanced technologies of organizing an accessible environment for disabled people».

Mikhail Urzhumtsev, CEO of MELON FASHION GROUP:

«It is a joy to see success of the first graduates and realize how much meaning is there. It all began with the initiative of the Languages without Borders educational center. They saw a serious problem in the situation when the world of art is not accessible for everyone. They realized what a shortcoming it is, and professional people who care organized the training. Now the program enters its international stage, which fact cannot but cause respect and admiration the trip to the Vatican became a reality due to initiative and persistence proving that art should not have any restrictions. We wish them an exciting trip, lots of new knowledge and inspiration!»