sela and Rabota-I have launched a social information project of professional orientation for schoolchildren.

sela moms & monsters , a Russian clothes brand and Rabota-I, an employment center for orphanage graduates and young people with special needs, have created a joint professional orientation project. Its main task is to help parents direct their children in a trustworthy way to a choice of trade. Another task being to attract public attention to the problem of vocational orientation for children with low starting abilities. The project has been realized with the support of, Skysmart, an online school for children and teenagers, and the Expert magazine.

“What will my child be when he or she grows up?” This is the question facing every conscientious parent. As a reply to this query, the designers of the special project have made a site with useful information. Basing on this info, parents will be able to help their children choose their professional road. service has presented the data of the most recent research of the labour market. Parents will see actual statistics and global trends. In order to learn what specific trades will match their children, they can use specialized tests developed by Skysmart and also read articles by leading experts in the filed.

Inclusive feature of the labour market is considered to be one of the global trends in the modern world. Thus, according to data. The number of vacancies for people with limited health abilities has increased 69% against the previous year. This is why the Rabota-I and sela’s project is also raising the problem of professional orientation of young people with low starting possibilities.

Successful cooperation with businesses speaks for positive tendencies and growing tolerance on the labour market. For instance, Rabota-I has been carrying out the program of assisted employment for people with special needs together with Melon Fashion Group for more than 10 years now., while sela is employing 11 people with special needs at the moment – all of them candidates from Rabota-I.

“The choice of profession is a difficult and responsible step which most children make with the help of their parents. But there are kids who don’t have such support. We help these young people to make the first professional strp. We act together with responsible businesses and people who care”, comments Ilja Smetanin, director of Rabota-I.

One can learn more about the project, read useful articles and test oneself for professional orientation HERE.