The head office of Melon Fashion Group, owner of fashion brands befree, ZARINA and LOVE REPUBLIC, has undergone total repairs. Premises housing fashion business became the playground of most dashing and stylish interior solutions authored by the in-house team of architects and designers. The Melon Fashion Group head office in St Petersburg embodies the company vision of an ideal work space. The interior design has combined designer solutions, decorative elements and sophisticated, smart furniture. The authors created an amazing and inspiring atmosphere for a big creative team. The core of the space is a vast loft-style open space divided into zones for different departments, each having a distinctive decoration. One sees this distinction when moving from one zone to another: the interior offers gradual changing of the scene. Each of the three brands – befree, ZARINA and LOVE REPUBLIC create their own individual atmosphere based on the brand DNA. Typical brand colours and other symbols support visual individuality. The LOVE REPUBLIC office boasts a big red portal, while ZARINA prefers delicate pink shades and the forum for meetings faces a wall made from real green moss. befree, champion of freedom and eternal youth, is decorated with a huge mirror unicorn and a cozy fire-place. The brands have convenient and spacious show rooms for keeping collections, demonstrating samples and comfortable work desks for designers. There are also fully equipped photo studios. Other teams have no less inspiring spaces. The company has taken care not only of comfortable work places, but also of public zones. The interior integrates pattern-like elements, complex carcass constructions, bookcases modelled as cargo containers, while personal belongings are kept in stylish lockers and comfortable cloak rooms. Such are designed in every department. A spacious sky bar is meant for team meetings, informal gatherings and joint lunches. The walls were decorated by a qualified painter. The office also has high bar counters and soft sitting zones. The architects have provided every small detail, including abundance of sockets for notebooks and other gadgets hidden in the work desks. Apart from open spaces for meetings and talks, there are around dozen of isolated rooms equipped with modern multimedia devices. Seven conference rooms bear the names of the company values. Two zones designed as amphitheaters are meant for team trainings and work meetings. Colour solutions are monochromatic, they reflect corporate colours: yellow and grey palette, ranging from dark graphite to light grey. The interior design is accentuated by materials: natural wood, bricks, texture plastering. Lighting plays a big role in the decoration. Versatile and never repeating chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps create the atmosphere. There are more than 100 lamps of different design. A lot of glass and mirrors combined with multi-level lighting add to spaciousness of the premises and act as instruments of zoning. Furniture deserves a special note. Many items are unique designer pieces. Greenery made of 500 flower compositions creates coziness of the work space. Mikhail Urzhumtsev, CEO of Melon Fashion Group: “The company is actively developing, and our office is growing. At a certain moment we needed more space - we were longing for more inspiration at work. It plays tremendous role in our industry. We were dreaming of the head office that would fully reflect our spirit, our striving to be in the vanguard, that it would become the point of attraction for our team, talented and in love with fashion. At the very start we realized that nobody but us understands what the new space should be like. These walls are closely linked with fashion – clothing has been created here during more than one hundred years. This office is our staple, and there can be no unimportant details in the design. Least of all did we wish to see banal and dull solutions in any corner. Non-trivial task was skillfully mastered by our architects and designers, with brave ideas being brought to life. The team has put all their hearts into the project, and you can feel it everywhere. And I am enormously happy that our historic walls have been filled with modern meanings.