Melon Fashion Group has collaborated with RAOUL charity foundation and its center of assisted employment for orphanage graduates and young people with special needs helping them to get their first work experience in ZARINA, befree and LOVE REPUBLIC stores. In August 2020, sela, the fourth newly-acquired brand, has joined this program.

sela store managers from Moskva, Nord, Balkansky, Nevsky-2 and Mega Dybenko have passed a special training in order to get acquainted with specific features of work with the RABOTA – I target group and potential employees. Besides, method experts of the center have worked out tutorship skills which help to establish trustworthy relations with youngsters and find a key to relations with them. The meeting has inspired the sela team immensely and they were looking forward to start of the program.

Several candidates passed an interview at the office and then in the stores. Three youngsters have successfully worked during the probation, and since August 3, they have started as warehouse assistants at sela, Balkansky, Nevsky-2 and Nord.

In future, Melon Fashion Group plans to extend the possibilities of the assisted employment program, because collaboration with Rabota-I and its youngsters unites the team, teaches patience, develops and motivates our employees to new deeds.

Ilya Smetanin, director of Rabota-I: “It is very satisfying to see that selahas joined the assisted employment program. I remember when I first saw sela in 2000 when I came to St Petersburg. Since then I have also had a vey warm attitude to the brand. Years have passed, and now it is not just sela, but sela moms & monsters. And I am sure that these stores with a long history and very prospective new life will become a perfect first work for many young people. Good luck to all of us!”

Polina Bakshaeva, HR director at Melon Fashion Group: “In spite of the fact that we are a commercial company, we want to help society and make the world better. It is already for many years that we collaborate successfully with RABOTA-I giving a chance to work for young people with low start abilities, both at the office and in retail. We are glad to make our pool bigger and offer sela stores for a start in employment”.