The RAOUL charity foundation, under the auspices of the Sberbank charity foundation called “Contribution to the future”, has formed a supervisory board in order to involve businesses in inclusive employment championed by RAOUL and promote radical improvements in this field.

On June 10, the Supervisory Board held its first meeting. The “It will work out” technology of employment of young people with special needs and orphanage graduates rests on comprehensive social and career support in the process of assisted employment. Another topic of the meeting was the problems experienced by companies opening vacancies for young people with a low start potential.

Melon Fashion Group, IKEA, Sberbank, Philip Morris International, SAP CIS and other big companies expressed their deep concern and interest in existence of a stable, efficient employment system in Russia. They confirmed their readiness to become the leading force in deali8ng with inclusive employment. HR professionals, leaders and representatives of non-commercial entities shared their experience in employment of orphanage graduates and people with special needs, they also gave professional evaluation of the “It will work out” technology.

Polina Bakshaeva, Melon Fashion Group HR director and member of the Supervisory board, has also shared Melon’s experience in inclusion. She noted that the company provides for start positions for people with low employment potential. According to their experience, the success of the project depends on business awareness of their social responsibility and on allocation of a separate budget for employment of people with special needs. And like with any other project, it should have a leader who will steadily promote inclusive employment within the company.